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Dustin dreamed all his life of owning and working with horses. Unfortunately growing up in the city on a 1/4 acre piece of property not zone for horses, having horses was not possible. At the age of 17 Dustin realized that he could get jobs cleaning out horse stalls and grooming horses as a means to learn about and gain experience working with horses. Not long after starting his first stall cleaning job, Dustin graduated high school, and had to get a full time job somewhere else. This opened up a bigger world of opportunity. A full time job meant more money, which meant the ability to buy and care for a horse.



Was Dustin's first horse and stallion. A beautiful 9 month old Grade Sorrel Quarter horse stud colt. Bought in late summer of 1998, GolDust changed Dustin's whole life. As well as being Dustin's best friend and companion, GolDust taught Dustin much about raising a horse, a stud horse at that.



During public school Dustin thought he wanted to go into computer programing. After buying GolDust, Dustin completely changed his mind on what he wanted to do for a living, from computer programing to working with horses for a living. In spring of 2000 Dustin Moved from his home town of Albuquerque New Mexico to Las Cruces New Mexico to attend collage and New Mexico State University (NMSU) pursuing a degree in animal science with an emphasis on equines. Not knowing what exactly he wanted to do with horses Dustin got a job working at Bar K horse ranch where he met his good friend Charlotte Ivy.


Charlotte Ivy (Chacaro So Black Arabians) breeds Arabians and Saddle-Breds to get National Show Horses. Charlotte helped to teach Dustin What he knows about breeding. After learning much about breeding from Charlotte, Dustin decided he wanted to go into horse reproduction for a living. That next year he took the equine repro class at NMSU as well as helping Charlotte out with the breeding season again. Dustin then helped teach the equine repro class at NMSU 2 consecutive years. During the spring of 2004 Dustin took a job as the breeding manager for Market Demand farms with 12 stallions and over 200 mares in the program. The following year (2005) Dustin worked for his friend Charlotte (who had taught him so much) as the breeding manager at her farm and now for 2006 is running his own Equine reproduction business under the direction of Mike Pirrone DVM.


Dustin's Job under Dr. Pirrone is to collect semen from stallions to be shipped to other farms, and to inseminate the mares that Dr. Pirrone has palpated and said were ready to breed.


Dustin has found his place in the horse world as an equine reproduction specialist. Now Dustin has stallions of his own to stand as well as breeding management for outside horse facilities.

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