Welcome to my Equine Reproduction Information page


I would like to have this page dedicated to sharing my thoughts ideas and experience on equine reproduction. This will be a page I will work on a little at a time as I have the opportunity. I plan to cover topics such as mare records, the pros and cons of Artificial insemination (AI), techniques used, breeding problems and much more. The primary topic I plan to focus most on however, will be semen collection and processing. Most of my business is based around collection of semen from stallions and the proper handling of the semen for processing. This often poses interesting difficulties with stallions that don't have a high libido, don't like Artificial Vagina's (AV's), can't mount a mare or breeding phantom, or have poor semen quality after collection. I will also post links to sites or articles that I think are important and informative to anyone that wants to learn about equine reproduction or is having problems in the world of equine reproduction. As if you have any questions you would like to ask, tips to give or just comments to make, I will be adding a posting forum at a latter date. For now if you wish to contact me please click on the button to the left that says contact, or send an e-mail to arte@goldstud.net.

Please check back later to see if I have added anything as this page will always be under construction.

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